Your Full Suite Professional Cleaning Services

We are your dedicated trustable cleaning partners who will take care of all your cleaning needs for your residential and commercial buildings.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Alpha Cleaning offers professional residential and commercial cleaning services. Our focus personalized touch, competitive rates and customer satisfaction to meet and exceed cleaning expectations. While you are busy doing your daily chores at your home or working hard in your office, our cleaning teams are available 24/7 for all-size buildings, to make sure your cleaning needs are met on time and you stay in a clean and healthy environment.

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Commercial Cleaning

It’s okay to work hard, but also got to work smart. Invest your valuable time in things that will get you the best returns and leave things like cleaning on us. Alpha Cleaning got your back at commercial cleaning so that you can work smart and focus where it’s needed the most.

Condominium Cleaning

Condominiums require special care and cleaning as compared to other regular residential houses. Alpha Cleaning is a pro at condominium cleaning and will serve you with the best services and attention required.

Medical & Dental Clinics Cleaning

Healthcare places like medical and dental clinics need extra care and cleanliness to stay hygienic from all the germs and bacteria that might get inside along with the patients. Alpha Cleaning meets all the requirements and has a developed understanding of how to do intense cleaning and keep such places hygienic for all.

Real Estate Deep Cleaning

While selling a house, cleaning is what’s noted the most. So every real estate agent needs to make that their house looks the neatest all the time when it’s listed on the market. Alpha Cleaning knows exactly how to deep clean a house when it’s about to list on a real estate market.

Residential Cleaning

Alpha Cleaning understands with a busy schedule and also, work from home customs, people find it difficult to stick up to their cleaning schedules. They skip it often which is not good for ideal living conditions. That’s why we are here to help you with your residential cleaning so that you can devote your precious time to other important house chores stress-free.

Windows cleaning

No matter how big or small your window is or what’s the shape, Alpha Cleaning provides deep interior and exterior cleaning of all windows making them clear and sparkling. Sparkling windows are what people see from outside and get a glimpse of your house or office.

Post-Construction Cleaning

After the construction of your residential or commercial property, we clean after contractors. When you’re done with construction, turn to professionals to help you complete the project. offers full post and during construction cleaning, carpets, washing floors, windows cleaning and much more. We will take care of all the dust that was left behind. We ensure that your property is ready to public and ready for your personal use or for sale. Effective cleaning services using the best detergents in the industry leave your property spotless in timely execution, and professional standards.

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